JaVar Myatt-Jones – What is a Clean Diet?

Dr. JaVar Myatt-Jones is a primary care physician who is interested in preventative medicine, weight loss, and lifestyle moderation. He works hard to help his patients understand the importance of exercise and a clean diet. He is focused on helping his patients stay healthy well into their futures. Maintaining a clean and nutritious diet is a great way to stay healthy and in shape. There are several different factors that make up a clean diet.

JaVar Myatt-Jones
JaVar Myatt-Jones

If you want to have a clean diet, you should try to avoid eating large quantities of sugar and processed foods. This includes candy, soda, sweet baked goods and fast food. Foods and beverages such as these are packed with unnecessary processed substances. An overconsumption of these ingredients could lead to heart disease and diabetes.

It is also important to avoid consuming foods that have large quantities of preservatives. These foods can cause weight gain, which could lead to poor health, joint issues, heart disease, and more. A clean diet does not include fast food, and other preservative rich foods.

If you want to eat a clean diet, you should focus on preparing meals that have fresh fruit and vegetables. If meat is a choice in your diet you should limit yourself to lean meats and consume foods that have a wide array of vitamins and nutrients. A clean diet can help you boost your immune system and avoid heart disease and diabetes. JaVar Myatt-Jones helped run a weight loss practice after he graduated from medical school. He is dedicated to keeping his patients healthy and preventing future illnesses.

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JaVar Myatt-Jones – How to Become a Doctor

JaVar Myatt-Jones worked hard to become a successful physician. He is a family practice physician with Shoal Primary Care in Florence, Alabama. He attended Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan and then completed his residency at Saint Joseph Hospital in Chicago. If you are interested in becoming a physician as well, you will need to put time and effort into your education.

JaVar Myatt-Jones
JaVar Myatt-Jones

The first step in becoming a doctor involves an undergraduate education. You should attend a school that has a strong science department.  You may choose any major that strikes your interest, however you must complete Medical school prerequisites.  You may consider finding a university that offers a pre-medical program.

After you earn a bachelor’s degree, you will need to take the Medical College Administration Test (MCAT) and apply to medical school. Your test score will help you earn a spot in a good medical school. Most programs last four years. While you are in medical school, you will learn about human anatomy as well as other primary biological sciences including physiology, microbiology and biochemistry. Your last two years will consist of clinical study and education.

After graduating from medical school, if you choose to see patient and practice medicine you must complete a residency program. There are numerous sub disciplines in medicine and physicians must go through additional training. Residency programs can require three to seven years depending on the field and specialty. Some physicians also choose to complete a fellowship program for additional training as well. JaVar Myatt-Jones developed an interest in medicine while he was in high school, and with hard work and determination he became a physician.  He continues to work hard still to be the best, knowledgeable physician for his trusting patient’s.