Dr. JaVar Myatt-Jones: Providing Patient-Centered Care

Dr. JaVar Myatt-Jones is a dedicated physician; a compassionate and focused professional who puts the patient’s health and wellness above all else. A member of the Alabama-based Shoals Primary Care, Dr. Jones has earned the reputation as one who puts the patient’s needs above all else, and who goes out of his way to ensure each individual has the advice, counsel and treatment needed to make the best decisions for their own health.

Dr. JaVar Myatt-Jones: Providing Patient-Centered Care

For nearly a decade, Dr. JaVar Myatt-Jones has devoted himself to patient-centered care; the idea that all actions taken by the physician or practitioner should be delivered based on what is best for the patient. As someone who is committed to a strong patient-centered practice, Dr. JaVar Myatt-Jones knows just how important it is to uphold the principles of such an approach on a consistent basis.

Dr. JaVar Myatt-Jones: Providing Patient-Centered Care

-First, everyone working in a medical practice should have the mindset of a caregiver. From the receptionist and the office manager to the P.A. and the physician, everyone should understand their role as an important part of the patient-care process.

-Next, there should always be a concerted focus to personalize the care experience to best serve the needs and choices of the patient. Understanding that each patient is different, and has a unique set of needs and values, helps to make the care for effective and appropriate for each patient.


Author: JaVar Myatt-Jones

aVar Myatt-Jones is a graduate of Wayne State University School of Medicine. He earned his medical degree after years of hard work in the classroom and hands-on training, he graduated with a medical degree in 2009.

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